Verified Home Advice Hub

Your Guide to the Verified Home Advice Hub

“How does Verified work?” “Why do I have to answer questions from homeowners and what’s in it for me?” Here’s everything you need to know about the Verified Home Advice Hub…   What is the Verified Home Advice Hub? The Verified Home Advice Hub is a collection of popular questions that homeowners search for on Google; questions…

The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites blog post

The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

As more and more internet users begin to use mobile as their number on choice of internet use, it’s vital that websites are mobile-friendly. If you’re wondering what exactly ‘mobile-friendly website’ means and what is represents then this blog post is for you, so read on!   What Exactly is a ‘Mobile-friendly Website’?   A…

Why Your Website Needs a Gallery Page Blog Post

Why Your Website Needs a Gallery Page

So your plumbing business has a beautiful website which is informative and professional, but you don’t yet have a gallery page. Well, in our blog here at Expert Trades, we’ve explained exactly why your website should have a gallery page and how crucial it is for small businesses who provide services to add this to…