Expert Website Package: May 2017 Updates

As you may already know, we’re always trying to improve upon the websites we build for our members. With that being said, we’re very excited to announce that the latest updates for the website package have now been released! Let’s go over what’s included in this round of updates:

1) Offers & Promotions Page

While we realise that the Offers page isn’t for everyone, we think it’s a really exciting tool for our members to use when they’re looking to run a new promotion.

Essentially, this new tool gives you the ability to create offers and promotions on a brand new page, which you have complete control of from the Expert Trades dashboard.

You’ll have the ability to schedule when an offer should start and should end. When it’s time for the offer to start, it will automatically show up on the website and when it’s time to end, it will automatically be taken off, so you won’t have any more work to do! Alternatively, you can just choose to have the offer featured on the website until you decide to remove it yourself.

There will soon be a how-to video explaining all of the ins and outs of the Offers page feature, but if you have any questions in the mean time, check out the Facebook Group or get in touch with Matthew on 0121 515 5984 or

2) Phone number in the top bar

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our members about making contact information as visible and prominently displayed as possible, but without being over the top or intrusive. That’s why we’ve released this new feature which allows you to display your phone number(s) at the top of your website. To get this for your website, just make sure that you have the two-line theme selected. To do this, go to ‘Global Settings’, scroll down to ‘‘ and then choose either the light or dark theme with ‘logo on top and menu below’.


We’ve made some minor styling improvements to the websites as well as part of this round of website updates. You might not notice them straight away, but we believe these will help improve the look and feel of the websites.

One minor tweak we’ve done is add a “drop-shadow” to the buttons on the website. This is a really subtle way of helping to make the buttons on the websites stand out to visitors without being annoying or intrusive. So as a potential customer goes through the website, they’ll be guided in the right direction.

We’ve also replaced some of the icons with better quality, smaller size icons. Again, not something you’ll notice straight away, but it will help improve the sharp looks of the website as well as reduce loading times. A win win scenario in our books.

4) Links to external reviews source

Some of you were giving us feedback that you would like to be able to link to an external source on your reviews. So say for example, you had reviews that had been originally collected from Google, you’d like to be able to link to that source. This is a great way to build trust with your customers and to show them that the reviews on your site are genuine.

To add this to your reviews, click ‘Edit’ on an external review, and you’ll be able to add the name of the source as well as the link to where you’ll be able to find that review.

5) Other improvements

Websites now more resilient on mobile devices

We noticed with some websites, if a particularly large image or video was uploaded, it would affect the mobile friendliness of the site. Now, it doesn’t matter the size of an image, it won’t stretch the page and affect how the site looks on mobiles any more.

Character count on SEO titles & descriptions

For our more advanced users who are setting their own SEO titles and descriptions, we’ve made sure you won’t accidentally go over the optimal amount of characters (60 for a title and 160 for description).


If you have any questions about the above updates, would like with implementing anything mentioned above or just have ideas for future updates, please get in touch! Just give Matthew a call on 0121 515 5984 or send him an email to