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Why Verified?

What is Verified?

A free homeowner directory built by the trade, for the trade

Trade directories and lead buying sites stand between you and your customers, and their costs keep increasing. Verified is the only free directory service, built in partnership with trades professionals, to fight back against the increasing costs of winning work.

Why Launch Now?

We have a proven way to get found in Google by working with you

5 years ago Expert Trades tried to create a free directory… but it failed. It failed because we didn’t have the team or the community that we have got today. 18 Months ago we launched Tool Talk as a place for members to review tools. Tool Talk now has 100,000 product views a month and growing fast.

We’re using this same collaboration with our community to grow Verified. We’ve proven we can get 100,000+ profile views a month for our members and help them win more work, all whilst keeping it completely free.

What Next?

What's needed from me?

Verified will be successful if we have enough trades like you commit a small amount of time each month.

All you need to do is share your advice to common homeowner questions. We will find the top searches, like “What is the best combi boiler?” or “How much is a house re-wire?“, and get homeowners to our website. We are NOT asking you to tell people how to do the work, only share advice as you would with any customer enquiry.

Once they’re there and we know they need some work doing on their home, we will let them search for one of our members and win them the work.

Join NOW and your profile will be highlighted as a 'Founding Member'

To thank every trade that joins now before we launch the homeowner search, we are featuring them as a 'Founding Member' in the searches.

Helping you stand out, get more clicks and win even more work.

More Than A Profile

6 Reasons To Support Verified

Verified is more than a profile for your business. It is a movement to impact our industry for the better and grow your business.

Win More Work

Win More Work

Verified profiles will show up in Google searches and help our members win more work.

Own Your Reviews

Own Your Reviews

When you collect reviews on Verified YOU own them unlike other directory services that own what you upload.

Website Rankings

Website Rankings

Verified will link to your website with good quality links to increase your own websites search rankings.



You will be part of a community of like minded trades professionals, all pushing each other to help grow their businesses.

Impact Our Industry

Impact Our Industry

We all want to see a change in how homeowners and trades connect. This is your opportunity to make a positive impact.



We believe in complete transparency. So each month you will know all the data from trades signed up to homeowner profile searches.

Verified Is Free. We Are Building It Together.

Verified is by the trade, for the trade. Join now and show your support.

Due to the rapid growth of Verified and with so many trades signing up, it’s hard to keep on top of the amazing numbers we’re witnessing! Therefore the Verified map and trade breakdown numbers are updated every 5 days.

``10 Minutes a month. What does that involve?``

Support the community by doing any of the below each month. It's that simple.


Give Your Advice

When you login to Expert Trades you will see a list of the most popular homeowner questions being searched on Google. “What is the best combi boiler?” or “How much is a new driveway?”.


When you give your advice, these answers get found in Google searches and help homeowners find Verified to then hire one of our members.


Recommend a Trade

By inviting the trades professionals you already know to join Verified you make the community more powerful so you can recommend trades you know when customers ask you.


When you have just fitted a boiler and the customer needs a plasterer also, with one click you can recommend someone you know.


Review a Tool

Jump into Tool Talk and share your opinion on a new tool you bought or one that has stood the test of time.


These reviews help other members of the community know what tools to buy and what to avoid, based off honest reviews from other Verified trades who rely on their tools as much as you do.
Founding Member

Join now and become a Founding Member

Sign up and support Verified before 31st August 2018 and you will receive Founding Member Status when the trade directory goes live.

Your profile will be highlighted in the search results with a ‘Founding Member‘ badge next to it.

Get more clicks on your profile and win more work.

How is it free?

Why is Verified Free? What's in it for Expert Trades?

Our Founder, Adam Callow, left his job 5 years ago to help trades professionals win more work and be succesful. Since then the company has helped thousands of trades with free services and paid services.

We know the more value we bring to you, our community, the more you trust us. So the bigger the community, the more trades that will use our admin app, buy our website package, come to events and review tools in Tool Talk.

It’s a true WIN WIN.

Grow Verified

Invite your mates in the trade and get some awesome perks

Verified is all about the quality of the members in the community… and the best community to be in is one where your mates are to.

When you join you will get a unique link. Invite your mates to join and unlock everything from ‘Founding Member’ van stickers through to an exclusive ‘Founding Member’ softshell.

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