Website Package Updates: June 2018

We are very excited to announce the latest updates to the Website Package, free of course to our existing customers! We have a range of new updates to go through, ranging from the aesthetic to the functional. Let’s see exactly what’s changed:

New look headers

We want to help you have more power over the look and feel of your website, which is why we’ve introduced this latest change! You now have the ability to change the style of the images that appear at the top of each page with the exception of the homepage (we call these headers). What’s even better, you can make this change simply and quickly by following the how-to video below:

New Selling Points layout

Again, following on from the new style for headers, we wanted to give you more options and more ability to customise your website. This is why you’re now able to change the styling of the “selling points” that appear on both the homepage and the About page. For instructions on how to change this for your website, just click play on the short video below:

More Options to Website Footers

We’ve also introduced more options that you can introduce to the footer of your website. There are two new options available, one is the addition of contact information to make getting in touch with you even easier. The other new option we are introducing is the About blurb, where you can write a few lines about your business. There’s even a button below which will take visitors straight to your Contact page. To have a look at these in a bit more depth, please check out the video below:

Our response to spam messages

We’ve been receiving feedback from some of our customers that they’ve been receiving spam messages through their websites. While there’s no way we can eliminate spam messages altogether, we want to do our best to reduce the amount our customers receive as we can appreciate how annoying these types of messages can be. Because of this, we have made some changes to the code that deals with contact forms so that bots will be tricked into sending an unsuccessful contact form message. However, these changes are not visible to human visitors and will in no way impact the way they interact with the website and contact form. These changes should mean a decrease in the amount of spam our customers receive.

Newsletter subscription

As the least used feature of the Website Package, we have decided to discontinue the newsletter subscription function that appeared towards the bottom of the homepage. This move is also in line with our decision to remove the Marketing feature of the Office Package where customers were able to create email marketing campaigns.

However, we have some exciting news on this! We will be looking to introduce MailChimp integration for the Website Package so that you can easily collect new subscribers through your website but then carry out an email campaign using MailChimp’s easy-to-use but powerful platform. We’ll of course keep you updated on any progress we make on this new feature.

Any feedback for us? Get in touch

If you have any feedback for us about any of the above updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch. And if you have any ideas for features we could include in future updates, please let us know! You can either give the team a call on 0121 515 5984 or email Matthew at